Time Management Coaching

Time Management CoachingTime is just like space. There’s only so much of it and your schedule can get just as cluttered as your physical space.

When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s hard to use the time you do have productively.

Maybe you’re missing deadlines, paying late fees, harming your credit, or spending money eating out because your refrigerator is empty.

With a cluttered schedule, you get to what’s urgent, but not important. That important thing you’re not getting to? It could be you.

Your self care. Balance. Time to not do anything.

Get timeWise

  • Make time for what you really care about
  • Find balance in your life
  • Prioritize what’s important before it turns into an emergency
  • Identify time wasters so you use your time more efficiently
  • Establish a structure for menu planning, grocery shopping, and food prep
  • Initiate a bill paying system so you can manage paper, avoid late fees, and protect your credit score and your identity
  • Keep track of deadlines and receipts
  • Create space for how you want to live

I work with anyone, from people who are mired in chaos to someone who is simply trying to optimize their system. I can help you create balance between being and doing, so that you have room to relax and enjoy your life because you’ve gotten done what needed taking care of.

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