spaceWise Organizing Workshops

Looking for an organizing expert & speaker?

An organizing workshop is a great way to learn techniques quickly and take home strategies you can apply on your own.

Sonya has over 20 years experience as a teacher and speaker. Since 2003, Sonya has taught families, individuals, creatives, business managers, and organizations to create systems, get organized, and live mindfully. She would be happy to speak to your group, association, or company. Sonya can customize the topic and content to your needs.

High demand topics include:

Calm Space, Calm Mind: Clutter is contagious, but so is calm. This workshop will teach you ways to clear the clutter in your home, office, schedule, and to do list so your life is more organized and spacious.

How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up and Be Organized Without a Fight: Learn fun and non-stressful ways to teach your kids how to let things go, organize what they have, and use their space so that it’s easy to clean up and use.

Meal Organizing:  Learn meal planning techniques including meal lists, menu planning, strategic grocery shopping, and meal prep. Organizing will help you stop wasting money, time, and food, and eat healthy. Bring your meal planning

Get timeWise: Learn How to Manage Your Time: Time management impacts how your life works, or doesn’t. Time is just like space. There’s only so much of it and it gets so cluttered you can’t get to what’s most important. Learn strategies to make time for what you really care about and create space for how you want to live.

What to Do with Kids’ Art: Children are prolific creators, which can result in prolific piles unless you have a system for what to do with their artwork. Learn strategies for deciding what to keep and what to let go (and help your kids learn to let go too). Learn to display your child’s art and set up a transition gallery.

Find Your Flat Surfaces: If any flat surface invites you to pile instead of put away, these strategies will help you give spaces a purpose, find the right place for everything, and set up systems to prevent the piles.

Contact Me

To book me as a speaker or workshop leader, call 512-591-8129 or contact me by email. I can customize one of the above topics or create a presentation specifically for you.