spaceWise Life Coaching

Path in the treesLiving the life you want requires defining what that life is and then doing the work to create it.  Whether you want support with one particular area, or you’re looking at your whole life and feeling like it’s not what you want, spaceWise Coaching will help you define the life you want so you can take steps to have that life. Want to see if we’re a good fit? Contact me for a free consult call.

Being organized is about more than our physical space. Our organizing principles about what we believe and how we operate guide our lives. Often, we are following rules we’re not even conscious of and that we may not even agree with. Mental and emotional space get cluttered, as do our schedules. It is important to take a personal inventory to see where your life is cluttered. Then, you can let go of what no longer serves you and find the path that leads to your highest and truest self.

spaceWise Organizational Coaching

I offer customized organizational coaching in-person (in Austin) and via phone or Skype for local, national, and international clients. I will help you determine priorities, examine obstacles, and define steps so you can meet your goals. All packages include the following:

  1. An inventory specific to your area of need: Clarify the details of your challenges and obstacles so that we can focus your coaching session or sessions.
  2. A customized plan: We’ll develop a plan based on your needs and priorities. I’ll map out the steps for you to take so you can get started quickly. Your overwhelmed stuck feelings will be replaced with confidence and steps to take to do the next right thing. For some clients, this takes one or two sessions. For others, they want longer term support or are working on multiple goals and will need more time.
  3. One (or more) downloads related to the area of your choice: Whether we are working towards creating space in your home, office, schedule, or mind, these downloads will support you in meeting your coaching goals.
  4. Additional resources: I will create a Pinterest board where I will share resources and recommendations to offer you additional support and ideas.
  5. A partner on the path for motivation and support: You are not alone in creating the life you want. We’ll work together to create space for how you want to live. Our calls and emails will help you stay on track or get back on track if you begin to feel overwhelmed or in need of direction.

Contact Me To Get Started.

If you’d like to learn more about spaceWise coaching, contact me by email. Call 512-591-8129 for more information or to schedule coaching sessions.