Small Business Organizing

spaceWise Small Business Organizing for your work space, time, and processes will help you be more productive and your business more successful.

You may be overwhelmed by the work you can’t get to, unable to find what you need, or feel like your customers aren’t getting the kind of service you’d like to provide.

Small Business Organizing Services:

Space Organizing

  • Declutter to eliminate piles, outdated records and materials, mail, boxes, or other physical clutter.
  • Create a place for everything so it’s easy to find and put away.
  • Arrange the space for efficiency, beauty, and comfort – what you see, what your customers see, and how you work and feel.
  • Organize supplies, products, equipment, and merchandise.

Workflow & Operations

We’ll work together to review routine tasks, files, billing and accounting systems. We will examine your systems for client interaction and follow up. And we’ll refine your inventory, merchandise, and supply tracking and management.

Time ManagementSmall business owner

  • Organize your time so that you accomplish priority activities.
  • Limit time spent on lower-value tasks.
  • Structure your days, weeks, and months so that you use them productively.
  • Examine your workflow to identify time wasters, missed steps, obstacles, and potential opportunities.
  • Choose the best calendar system for you: paper or electronic or both? Shared or individual? Integrated with personal life or business only?
  • Integrate your calendar and to do lists.

Paper & Digital Organizing

We can create or refine filing systems and set up an easy reach file for routine tasks and current projects. We will also survey communication –  email, voicemail, mail – for organization, response time, ability to find what you need, and systems for deleting or organizing. Additionally, we can review how you organize your files on digital devices to make sure things are easy to save and find.

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