Organizing & Design for Your Home

Your home doesn’t have to be a place you dread. It can house the people and things you love, provide a place for relaxing, socializing, work, rest, and whatever else you want . So, that’s the first step: defining what organizing means to you so that we have clear goals and can create a plan to achieve them.

Create space for how you want to live.

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spaceWise organizing services for your home:

  • Decluttering
  • Organizing
  • Design
  • Color consulting
  • Feng Shui
  • Space planning
  • Consults on remodeling and building.

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Being organized doesn’t have to mean that you become a minimalist. If that’s your goal, we can work towards it. However, you may simply want to let you go of things that no longer serve you and be surrounded by what you love and use.

“Keep what is worth keeping —
and with the breath of kindness
blow the rest away.”
— Dinah Mulock Craik





I will teach you techniques for how to decide what to keep and let go, and we’ll create systems so the clutter doesn’t build back up. We can focus on one thing (papers, toys, the garage) or go through your whole house.  I provide moral support, hands-on help with lifting and moving. I also drop off donations, recycling, and hazardous waste.


Organized pantry - spaceWise Organizing

People define being organized differently. We’ll explore your unique motivations for being organized and what organized means to you.

Maybe you want to be able to host guests without feeling embarrassed about your home.

Or, you used to be able to kind of keep up with things, but you had kids and it’s gotten progressively more chaotic.

Or, you’re a creative person who organizes in piles, but the piles are keeping you from being creative.

It could just be that your rooms aren’t functioning the way you want them to, either because they’re not set up for that purpose or you need to use the space more efficiently.

Whatever your need, we can:

  • Create systems that work for you rather than changing you to fit a system (why just reading a book doesn’t help long-term),
  • Get rooms to the point where they can be picked up in 10 minutes or less,
  • Make rooms more functional and beautiful, and
  • Let everyone know where things go so you don’t have to be the clean-up police.

During this step, we’ll identify what kinds of storage, furniture, or other organizing items you may need and we will re-purpose what you’ve already got. I will create a Pinterest board for you with recommendations and resources so that you can access them easily and add your own research as we collaborate.

Gray and white bathroom with bird wallpaperDesign & Styling

Creating more beautiful and functional space doesn’t require custom furnishings and an entire redesign. It can be as simple as arranging furniture for optimum flow and function and changing paint colors.

  • Design, space plan and layout rooms
  • Color Consulting
  • Feng Shui

Sometimes your home needs more than an organizing and design fix. If you’re thinking of a new build or remodel, I can help you. Find out more about pre-modeling.

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