Professional Organizing & Design for Your Home

Professional organizing services for your home include decluttering, organizing, interior design, color consulting, Feng Shui, space planning, and consults on remodeling and building.

spaceWise can help

Organize your kitchen with spaceWise OrganizingYour home doesn’t have to be a place you dread. You should be able to have people over without being embarrassed about the mess. Maybe you’re a new parent and the little people in your house have more stuff and take more time, so your manageable level of disorganization is off the charts now.  Or you’re a creative that needs a system that fits you, not that you have to change to try to fit. Whatever your organizing need, I can help.

  • Make your home child and parent-friendly
  • Create an inviting space for you and your guests
  • Make room for a new family member (baby, partner, parent)
  • Organize closets & rooms
  • Handle offices & paperwork
  • Develop filing & bill pay systems
  • Create space for how you want to live


“Keep what is worth keeping —
and with the breath of kindness
blow the rest away.”
— Dinah Mulock Craik

People call me because they’ve decluttered many times over the years and they still end up with the same piles. What’s in your piles?

  • Mail
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Memorabilia
  • Photos
  • Kid’s school and art work
  • Gifts you feel obligated to keep
  • Craft supplies or your own art work
  • Something else

During the clutter clearing process, we can focus on one thing (papers, toys, the garage) or go through your whole house. You’ll learn techniques for how to decide what to keep and let go, and we’ll create systems so the clutter doesn’t build back up. For parents, we’ll discuss strategies for teaching your kids to let things go, and to help keep gift-giving from relatives a joyful rather than problematic event.

As we work together, I’ll provide moral support, hands-on help with lifting and moving. I also drop off donations, recycling, and hazardous waste.


Organized pantry - spaceWise Organizing

  • Use your space efficiently.
  • Let everyone know where things go so you don’t have to be the clean-up police.
  • Explore your unique motivations for staying organized: Aesthetics, Ease, Functionality
  • Create systems that work for you rather than changing you to fit a system (why just reading a book doesn’t help long-term)
  • Get rooms to the point where they can be picked up in 10 minutes or less (except for kitchens and toys with a bazillion pieces, like LEGOs. Those take a bit longer. But I can help organize LEGOs too.)

During this step, we’ll identify what kinds of storage, furniture, or other organizing items you may need and we will re-purpose what you’ve already got. I will create a Pinterest board for you with recommendations and resources so that you can access them easily and add your own research as we collaborate.

Design & Styling

Organized living room - spaceWise

You may think you need to hire a home decorator or interior designer for those rooms that just don’t feel right no matter how hard you try. But, with just a few changes and significantly less money, you and I can change the flow and feel of your space, and even the way your room functions. And, if  you’re remodeling or building, we’ll consult to ensure your new space has what you need and that you don’t spend money on extras that you don’t need.

  • Design, space plan and layout rooms
  • Plan efficient kitchens and bathrooms
  • Consult on remodels and new builds
  • Color Consulting
  • Feng Shui

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To set up a free consultation or for more information, contact me by email or call 512-591-8129.