Pre-Model Before You Remodel or Rebuild

Sometimes your house needs more than decluttering and organizing. If you’ve figured out your space just can’t work the way it is, a remodel may be your next step.  Or, maybe you’re buying a new home and it’s almost right, but needs a few changes so that it’ll work best for you. It’s time for a pre-model.

What Is a Pre-Model?

Organized closet sketchA pre-model is your organizational and space plan to ensure you get the most from your remodel.

Just adding extra cabinets and drawers doesn’t make a space work better. It means you have more storage, but if it’s the wrong kind of storage, it can actually make your home function less efficiently. Plus, those pullouts, built-ins, and other storage come with a hefty price tag. If you’re adding special features, be sure they’re features you need so that your remodeling money is well spent and so the remodel adds function and beauty to your home.

Pre-modeling includes the following steps:

  1. Decluttering. Purge so that you are creating space for what you actually want to own, not a whole bunch of stuff you never look at or use.
  2. Taking inventory. Evaluate what you have. Knowing how many linear feet of shoes your have will mean you get the right amount of shoe storage, not a wall of built in shelves that don’t acccount for how many boots, flats or heels you need. Same goes for knife drawers, linen closets, and pegboard in the garage. You’re remodeling this house so it holds your stuff. We’ll take an inventory of what you have so you get enough storage and the right kind of storage.
  3. Determine storage needs. Determine the best way to store what you’re keeping.
    • Drawers
    • Cabinets
    • Pull-outs
    • Cubbies
    • Shelves
    • Recessed Shelves
    • Hanging
  4. Decide upon location.
    • In what room? Putting things where you’ll use them, not necessarily where you’ve always had them, is part of the pre-modeling plan.
    • How much space is required?  One drawer? A wall of shelves? A whole room?
    • At what height?

How Do We Pre-Model?

Organizing the kitchen before it's builtPre-modeling needs vary depending upon the stage you’re in. We may need to declutter and organize what you own before we can make a space plan. Or, you may already have culled your belongings down to what you want in your new space. We’ll talk about how you use your spaces, what is and isn’t working for you now, and what would make things work better for you. Do you need additional space, additional storage, or different types of storage?

We’ll make lists, measure things, and sketch out ideas. I’ll create a Pinterest board for you with ideas and resources. I may even meet with your builders and interior designer with you, or come to the cabinet store as you choose drawer and shelf configurations. We’ll likely review your blueprints more than once, at various stages of the project. If you’re doing a major remodel that requires relocating, I may help you organize your move out of your house and back in again after the remodel is complete.

I’m here to help with whatever you need. We’ll figure that out together as we go.

When Can You Pre-Model?

Pre-modeling works best when it happens before you’ve met with an architect, builder, or interior designer. The pre-model helps you build your Wish and Do Not Want lists. This saves you money and time because you don’t have architectural and design firms making plans based on a general solution or what most people want. They’ll draw up plans based on what you know you need and what you need to store.

If you’ve already met with designers and builders, it’s not too late for a pre-model. They’ve given you general drawings of where your closet, cabinet, island, etc. will be. Now, it’s time to figure out modifications you’d like to make to the plans and specific features you need.

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