About Sonya

Sonya Feher organizing speaker and workshop leaderSonya Fehér began her organizing career in elementary school when she wrote her first five paragraph essay and began the task of figuring out where things should go, what should be edited out, and what needed to be developed. She then spent two decades working as an educator and arts organizer. Sonya served as the leader of the S. Austin chapter of Attachment Parenting International, is a certified teacher, an award-winning learning center director, and a published author.

Throughout her career, Sonya has focused on helping people—especially families, children, creatives, and women. She founded spaceWise Organizing in 2010, where she specializes in professional organizing for individuals, families, creatives and small business owners.

The Ideal Client Match

I help people create space for how they want to live and work.

My ideal clients are looking to change the way they live, not just the way things look.  Since I opened spaceWise, I have taught organizing skills to attorneys, professors, realtors, therapists, engineers, homemakers, parents, kids, students, writers, and others. I am looking to work with people who feel dedicated to making significant and long-lasting improvements to their lives.

Contact Me

To contact me, email me or call 512-591-8129.

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