Sonya Feher organizing speaker and workshop leaderI believe that if you calm your world, you can calm your mind–and vice versa. As an organizer and coach, I am lucky enough to help people do both.

Using a collaborative approach, I work with clients to help them learn organizing skills and define goals. You can’t make room for the life you want if you don’t know what it is. We’ll start with what’s not working for you and what you really want. We’ll work side by side going through rooms, schedules, or beliefs so that you can keep what you want and let go of the rest without guilt, fear, or regret.

I’ve been named one of the best home organizers in Austin in 2017 and 2018 by Expertise.com . Besides my work with spaceWise I am an award-winning learning center director, have set up and managed creative nonprofits and events, and served as the leader of the S. Austin chapter of Attachment Parenting International. I am a certified teacher and a published author with an MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry. I moved to Austin in 1993 and thought I’d be here for the duration of my teaching program at UT Austin. I’m still here.


Contact Me

If you think you might need help with something I do, email me or give me a call at 512-591-8129.