Time Management Coaching

Time ManagementTime management impacts how your life works, or doesn’t. Time is just like space. There’s only so much of it and it gets so cluttered you can’t get to what’s most important. That important thing you’re not getting to? It’s could be you. Your self care. Balance. Time to not do anything.  Time not being productive – just being.  You might be so over-scheduled that you can’t even bathe or meditate or read or exercise or play with your friends or your kids.

Time for you may feel like a fantasy. You might be struggling to get through your to do lists, even you can even get organized enough to make a list. When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, even when you do have time, you may be wasting it on Facebook or spinning your wheels because you don’t have the energy to do anything else. Maybe you’re missing deadlines, paying late fees, harming your credit, or spending money eating out because your refrigerator is empty.

I can help you get timeWise

  • time management so you can relaxDeclutter your schedule and get your to do’s onto your calendar
  • Make time for what you really care about
  • Find balance in your life
  • Prioritize what’s important before it turns into an emergency
  • Identify time wasters so you use your time more efficiently
  • Establish a structure for menu planning, grocery shopping, and food prep
  • Initiate a bill paying system so you can manage paper, avoid late fees, and protect your credit score and your identity
  • Keep track of deadlines and receipts
  • Create space for how you want to live

Get timeWise in one of two ways:

I work with anyone, from people who are mired in chaos to someone who is simply trying to optimize their system. My method will help you create balance between being and doing, so that you have room to relax and enjoy your life because you’ve gotten done what needed taking care of.

In-Person Time-Management & Time Organizing Coaching

If you are in Austin, we will have a phone consult to get started. Then I send you a time organizing inventory to learn further details and clarify where you most need help.  After that, we meet in person to do all of the following that apply to your needs:

  • Assess your planner and calendars
  • Survey your to do lists – what’s on them and what’s not getting done
  • Implement a system to make time for your priority activities
  • Review your mail, bill paying, and filing set up
  • Refine the “landing strip” of your home or business so you can easily put away and find what comes into and leaves your home
  • Create systems for home management including meal prep, cleaning, and staying organized
  • Block out time for exercise, self care, creativity, social connection, and personal growth
  • And whatever else you need

Email & Skype Time Management Coaching

Time Management HelpA coaching package designed to help you take a time inventory, set priorities, eliminate time wasters, and identify resources.

  • Time & Goals Inventory
  • 2 weeks of email support to clarify goals
  • Monthly and weekly planner pages PDF
  • 1 hour coaching call
  • Schedule review and refinement
  • Summary with schedule needs and recommendations
  • 30 minute coaching call

Contact Me

To set up a free consultation or for more information, contact me by email or call 512-591-8129.